For the Love of February

I just love the month of February. It is short. It is sweet (all those Valentine’s chocolates). It is the month of love. It is Black History Month. It is my birthday month. There is so much to love about it.

And this February was one of my best. Because of Covid-19 and it’s associated quarantine, I had a very quiet, calm, and easy time to stay grounded and center myself in self-love and appreciation. And I had no invitations to attend to or events around my birthday to plan (shout-out to my friends and family who always arrange all kinds of activities for my birthday month). This year had nothing planned but that was okay because of other things I’m was busy with.

I was taking up a challenge in a personal development course I attend at the School of Self-Image, an amazing experience in and of itself. The challenge was to romance yourself for the month of February. This is a brilliant concept on practicing self-love. It is revolutionary to me to think that loving myself, I freely get others to love me and it is easy for me to love others. I had thought of it backwards all these years, that if others love me, then I can love myself. The challenge really honed this message on and brought incredible results of shifting my mindset on self-love.

February always has love in the air all for me! I hope it does for you too!