There is No Arriving with Growth

One of the things the global coronavirus pandemic has brought about is time. Time to have time. The stay-at-home orders have meant just that, stay home! For me, this has been a time to sit with myself and not have the distractions of my very packed social life.

As I write this, I have been in quarantine for five months, at home and that has been a time of sitting with myself and feeling some discomfort with that. 

Having to sit with myself and entertain my feelings of being uncomfortable with myself has forced me to delve deep and start dealing with the “what” and “why” of feeling this way. It has given me an opportunity to start looking into my shit. 

As luck would have it, I also started seeing a professional therapist a week before we went into quarantine. With her help, I’m dealing with all the stuff going on and taking the work internally and not just working on eternal conditions. It has led me to do the work of owning my shit , stop pointing fingers at others, look myself in the mirror to see the ugly parts I may not want to see and work through them. I’m now doing the hard work of honest self-appraisal so I can show up a better version of myself. 

As the time is passing and I’m learning through doing this work, I realize it has to be a constant process. I can’t stop. There is no arriving. There is no station to get off the train. Doing this work needs to be a constant process because it is from dealing with uncomfortable and difficult things that growth comes. Continuously. By doing the emotional, and spiritual work of dealing with my issues, I’m ensuring that I’m filling my cup. You can’t pour from an empty cup and my goal is to fill my cup so I can give to others freely and generously because my cup runneth over. That’s my goal with this personal growth journey I’m on.