Protect your Energy

A few years ago I had to remove a very toxic individual from my life. This individual was deep in my inner circle so, it was not an easy thing or a light decision for me to cut ties. It was something I had to do as a matter of self preservation.

As soon as I removed this individual from my life and by extension toxic elements around them, I immediately felt relief and light. A lot of the time, when we think of being in relationships with a narcissist, we think of romantic partners. However, we can be in relationships with a narcissists that are out of the romantic realm. I was not even aware this individual was narcissist until after I cut off the relationship, and was able to look back and see it clearly from a distance. Hindsight 2020.

And as I built my life without the narcissist in it, I found myself with energy I didn’t have before because I was no longer expending energy on the narcissist, who was a drain on it. It was an overnight switch finding myself thriving and excelling like never before at everything I put effort into. It was like my energy was cleaned and restored. I have had magical experiences beyond my wildest dreams since I made that cut. Places I have been to, the people I have met, the connections I have made have been oh so incredible. Nothing short of magic!

What this experience taught me is that energy matters! My energy needs to be protected by none other than myself. Removing negative energy is a top priority, so is developing a positive energy in how I show up in the world, which has helped me manifest my dreams and desires. Not everyone deserves your time, energy or attention so don’t just give it out. Protect your energy at all cost.

This energy here is on point!