Live Everyday With Elegance

I love fashion, style, elegance and sophistication. In fact, one of my dreams is to curate beautiful things for my community by owning a boutique specializing in, you guessed it! – beautiful things.  I try, and most times, do succeed in building elegance into my everyday activities including what I wear and  how and what I cook.  It’s not always easy, but I delight in bringing charm to seemingly mundane everyday experiences. I learned the lesson of charm through the book, “Living a charmed life: your guide to finding magic in every moment of every day” by Victoria Moran. It opened my eyes to savoring with pleasure things like washing dishes with all your heart or giving something away everyday.

Many times we may believe that only those who are wealthy can enjoy living a charmed life. But that is lie – you can enjoy your life too if you change your mindset to enjoy the present and enjoy what you have in the here and now. And the funny thing is that once you do that, the universe delivers to you the things you desire but were seemingly beyond your reach. 

I have a real life example when I started to dress elegantly and presented myself as an improved and an improving version of myself. My improvement was not just in outward aspects such as changing how I dress but also inwards aspects as well, with practicing meditation, gratitude, compassion and loving kindness for self and others. It’s incredible and doable.

I found my sense of fashion in step  with those in our society with immense privilege, power and status. For example, the 1st daughter Ivanka Trump. Not that I want to be in step, I just noticed that I am. I was surprised to see the outfit Ivanka wore in London June 2019, I had worn in London in April 2019. She met world leaders, I met a former world leader, Tony Blair, on that trip to London and attended a banquet at Kensington Palace. It is possible for a small town girl  from a small(ish) country in Africa to live large in her mind that reflects back in her reality. It’s the law of attraction. On the stylish outfit note, I think I wore it better than Ivanka.